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Blog with tips for academic librarians on writing for publication

Helen Fallon is well known in librarian circles in Ireland for the workshops she does on writing for publication.  And if you’d like to learn more about the writing program she’s started for Irish academic librarians, this article is very interesting. Helen has also put together this really useful blog called ANLTCwriters, which started up in February 2009.  I talked about ANLTC in a previous post.

This blog is designed to facilitate discussion about publishing and writing particularly about librarianship and related areas. So you’ll see tips and information posted by Helen Fallon, but also by other librarians who are subscribed.

It’s a great blog for anyone interested in publishing in librarianship to follow. These are the kinds of things you’ll find here:

  • Announcements re the launch of new library journals.
  • Postings alerting librarians about calls for book chapters, and calls for papers (both for conferences and journals).
  • Links to and information about useful articles/web sites with tips on  successfully writing for publication in librarianship or sometimes in academe more broadly.
  • A bibliography on the theme of writing for publication.
  • Articles related to the general theme of publishing, e.g., open access publishing.

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