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Irish academic libraries & ANLTC: Collaborations in professional development

I am engaged in work for the School of Information and Library Studies, at University College Dublin. I’m helping the School with a needs analysis, and through meetings and a survey, I’m gathering information about the Irish Continuing Professional Development (CPD) landscape, and about what needs and gaps exist. With this information I’m aiming to establish what a future role for the School might look like in this arena.

It’s been extremely interesting, and I’ve learned a tonne in the process about Irish libraries, in general,and about lots of great initiatives, projects, and resources that are ongoing.

One is the Academic and National Library Training Co-operative (ANLTC) – yes, do they ever love their acronyms here, as, indeed, we do in Ontario! In a nutshell, is a cooperative training and development program, which has been in existence since 1995. They engage in regular needs analysis (usually a survey, sometimes reported on their web site) to establish what members (includes universities and national libraries on the island of Ireland – so the Republic and Northern Ireland) want.

ANLTC has representation from all members and they work together to organize about a dozen CPD events a year, on a cost recovery basis. They also share hosting of the events. Each event typically involves an external speaker, and quite often this person may come from the U.K., but experts from the local institution are often brought in also, so that you have the expert external speaker view plus the value of local context and case studies. They tell me the average cost is usually about 120 Euro for a day long course. Each institution is guaranteed two places.

You can see the great range of programs they have offered on their web site.

I thought this is a model which OCUL could probably adopt without too much difficulty – it seems like an easy win-win model. Kudos to Irish libraries and ANLTC!

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